Leap One Glasses de Magic Leap

The start-up of AR has attracted an amazing amount of investment in recent years – $ 2.6 billion to date – although it has only recently released its first “creative” edition phone helmet. Steampunk-inspired Leap One glasses are first built for consumers, but the company has indicated that they will also target companies. For this,… Read More »

The Vuzix M300 and M400

Founded in 1997, Vuzix, based in Rochester, N.Y. Has a long history of creating VR and AR devices for business use. Its main range of smart glasses follows the same path. Like Google Glass, with computer hardware, microphone, camera, and screen mounted on the frame. The Vuzix M300 arrived in 2017 and, like most of… Read More »

Lenovo’s Think Reality A6 system

Lenovo’s Think Reality A6 system: Lenovo’s AR device follows the example of HoloLens, with a “hands-free” mobile viewer that overlays 3D graphics to real-world environments. The 13-ounce ThinkReality A6 headsets are designed to be lighter than other options, Lenovo said. (Weight can be inconvenient for many AR and VR devices.) The 6,800 mAh removable batteries… Read More »

Headsets For Companies

Headsets For Companies Here is a look at five of the AR systems that are already available to businesses. Augmented reality (AR), which was once science fiction, is increasingly finding a place in the workplace as the engine of collaboration and productivity. Some companies use it as a tool for training their employees, others use… Read More »

Top Secrets For Windows 7

Hidden powers and time-saving secrets: As the saying goes, time is money. Even if you’re sitting in front of your computer for fun or doing a hobby project, all unnecessary clicks make you spend precious seconds of your life. Nobody wants to spend time on the endless navigation menus; but don’t worry anymore, because Dr.… Read More »