Tips to Make Your Job Easier When Using Word

We all know the importance and place of Microsoft Office programs today. It is widely used in work and school. Although we all use these programs in some way, most of us cannot use them to their full potential. Let’s look at 10 great tips that can make you better at Microsoft Word. 1.Making symbols… Read More »

10 Google Maps Tips

Google Maps has changed the way we travel for 10 short years. The mapping service virtually eliminates the need to carry anything other than taking an impromptu journey outside your smartphone, and with a few tips and tricks, we can teach you to go further with your Google Maps. Most Useful Tips for google maps:… Read More »

How to Get AdSense Approval Just 8 Steps Solution

How to Get AdSense Approval Just 8 Steps Solution I hear the same question from many people around me, Why is my Adsense application not approved? I know how it feels to be disapproved of the Adsense application. AdSense Approval In the first years, when I stepped into the Internet world and got involved in… Read More »

Best WordPress Themes

Best WordPress Themes WordPress is the most preferred platform in the world. It accounts for 27% of all websites. So when you think of all the websites, every one of every 3-4 websites is made with WordPress. The market share among the websites that produce content is 60%. Every day more than 500 new WordPress-based… Read More »

Admob Interstitial with Enhance in App Inventor 2 and its variants

Admob Interstitial with Enhance in App Inventor 2 and its variants App Inventor 2 or its variants, Thunkable, Maceroid or AppyBuilder, is now another way to show ads to the user. As you know, App Inventor 2 doesn’t have any ads related to it, while its variants offer many ad-related features. Today we here to… Read More »

12th Mission (Celebrating 8th Founding Anniversary)

KKPK 12th Mission Celebrating 8th Founding Anniversary at Childrens Home of Eucharistic Love & Kindness Date: September 15, 2019 Time: 8:00 AM Location: Calle 34 Blk. 79 Lot. 2 Xevera Calibutbut Bacolor, Pampanga     For Donation: Bank Name: PS Bank San Fernando Branch Account Name: Jesielyn Espinueva Regala and Agnes Banares Dizon Account Number:… Read More »

Best Laptops To Buy

Best Laptops To Buy Hey, Guys welcome to another new article today we will learn about which laptop is best to buy for you, even if you work for graphics gaming or normal user you. So stay tuned and read the article. Few People New Laptop:   Gammer Graphics Designers Internet Users Office Users Gammers… Read More »