Fabricated deep in the heart of man is a significant sixth sense – the sense of finding true happiness in serving others. Though one may carelessly ignore its importance and can still continue to live, another would do otherwise. He would dare to move, make the change and create history in this world. Such is the heart of an ordinary person who stepped out, walked his talk to make an extra- ordinary job, and that is to reach out to his beloved Kapampangans.
Jetlee Yusi Tiongco was just 27 when he formally embarked on a noble cause of making the Kapampangans life better. He knew it won’t be easy and the tasks are too great for an Electrical Engineering graduate to do alone. After some brain storming, sleepless nights, and finally meeting up with trusted colleagues who share the same seal and aspiration he had. KAPAMPANGAN KU PAGMARAGUL KU (KKPK) INTERNATIONAL INC. was born on September 18, 2011 it materialized into a non-governmental organization that clearly communicates its ideas. It will be an agency of honest and sincere service for the beloved Kapampangans.
Providentially favored by selfless and hard-working work-face, it speedily grew and flourished to accommodate the Kapampangan folks who are in need of help and assistance to make living a lot easier. The organization confidently reached out further to ensuring that Kapampangan families benefit from the particular programs set up uniquely for them. There are just no boundaries set when it comes to the nobility of their tasks to be reflected by the active programs they have namely, the outreaches, agricultural, environmental, livelihood, feeding, and training. While it also sought to engage in gift-giving, distribution of relief goods, scholarship grants, and action force.
In time, the Kapampangan people could enjoy living in a safe and cared – for community, become successful, and make a difference in our country.